I read this the other day.

I read this article Why I Am Not a Maker the other day, and I was like "I agree".

One thing that came to my mind was that the true question might be whether we "need" more stuff.  I know this is such a Marxist point of view, but we are just in a material condition that enables anyone to become a producer/a maker or someone cool, and people who make stuff can be considered as better than anyone in the world.  As a young individual, I am one of those people (or generations) who are expected to be get used to different softwares and so on, and it is fun actually, but sometimes I just doubt things (although I'm not sure if doubting is a good thing).  

There was one of the workshop's titles that says "Do you want to be the God (with technology)? or something like that. I just felt uncomfortable with it.  I get into technology and all the stuff going on in the world because I'm scared of it. 

This is what C.S.Lewis said

Those who begin worshipping power soon worship evil.

This is just my personal opinion, and I know no one's reading this, so I just quickly wrote my thoughts.