The Circle

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite 2015 2 weeks ago. I bought it simply because I'd always wanted one but never actually had a proper reason to buy one, but because I had a chance to travel and thought it would be too heavy to carry my iPad, it was the right time to buy one.

My very first impression was that "How come I had never used it before? It could have saved so much money."

It's really light. What's more, it's really clever. It remembers the words you previously looked up. It also reminds you when each character in a book previously appeared and tells you who s/he is (in case you forget).

I've been reading this book called The Circle written by Dave Eggers. The Circle is a tech giant like Google (well it's essentially about that...). The main character Mae Holland is a recent graduate who starts working there. She enjoys all the benefits she gets at the Circle, and really admires all the advanced tech stuff she witnesses. But she eventually notices that the company crossed the line, and starts doubting about what they do. I haven't read that bit yet, but that's what I know. 

According to my Kindle, I read 62% of the book. It's a 600 pages long book, so I knew it would take some time to read. (It's been 3 weeks by the way). But as far as I know, this 62% is basically introducing the world of the Circle, and how naive Mae is. She basically says "yes" to everything, which is a good thing to some extent, but she doesn't really think or criticise things, so she easily provides her data to the company without doubting.

The film is going to come out next year. Emma Watson is playing Mae Holland. I'm excited about how she's going to play that character because Mae seems to be opposite to Emma Watson who is intelligent and critical about the world. 

Anyway, I hope the rest of the book is going to show some events.  

By the way, the book cover was designed by Jessica Hische - one of my favourite designers/letterers in the world.