How I see Social Networks...

Which Social Network Should I use? 

I read this article the other day and posted my opinions in Japanese on Google+.

So let me write the same thing in English.


I don't know how people define "friends" on this social network, but I disagree with what the article says.  I don't think it's a family or friend orientated social network; I think it's more like an acquaintances based platform where you brand yourself online.  I have about 750 Facebook "friends", but I only communicate with about 10 people on Facebook.  I follow more than 700 pages on this social network, which means the number of pages I follow is pretty much the same number as my Facebook "friends". That changed my purpose of using Facebook.  I open Facebook just to check the news or brands I follow, such as The Huffington PostMashableVentureBeatTechCrunchThe EconomistBusiness InsiderUSA TODAY etc.  A lot more.  Or I check Facebook just to see what advertising/ marketing people are saying, like Seth Godin and Olivier Blanchard.  Of course, I follow some Japanese people too.  See?  That's why I don't even check what my "friends" do..  I know this sounds a bit anti-social, but I guess Facebook itself is a bit anti-social, so don't judge me.  What I'm trying to say here is that I don't care what pictures or statuses people post.. Well I do.. sometimes, if they are really interesting or funny, but I hardly see that interesting pictures which catch my eye because I know that Facebook is all about narcissistic behaviour that human beings naturally hold.  This associates with the fact that contents of each page matter a lot (i.e. content marketing).   


Amazing social network to check news.  Not sure if that's the best place for brands, but definitely a good place for people.  It also gives us a great opportunity to interact with people who you think you can't actually communicate with, like remarkable people in the industry or even celebrities.  We actually pitched to Dave Trott on Twitter and he came to our university to give us a talk!  Unlike Facebook (which is the platform to show off how amazing your life is), on Twitter, people can be more honest about themselves. I guess that's because people are less engaged with Tweet Feed when they are reading it, so they think they can post whatever they really think.  So yeah, what I post on Twitter tends to be news or stupid things. 


Since not many of my friends use Google+, what I post there is something that I can't really share on Facebook or Twitter.  In other words, I post things that I don't want to share in public, but still want to share in a small community.  


I do have an account, but I don't use it.  It's a good place to find funny GIFs.  It's still a blog, but unlike WordPress, it's more like visual based, so you don't have to be committed to write something.   


Like Tumber, I use Pinterest to find pictures.  It is a good place to gain inspiration as well.    


I think I use this social network the most.  LinkedIn is not really common in Japan (yet), but I use it because I can see people's careers or I can even message them.  Unlike Facebook, it is a professional online community for your career.  Good stuff.    


The real "Friends" community.  Facebook used to be like this, but not anymore.  Path is the best social network that you only do with your real friends.  It only allows you to add up to 150 friends.  But people on Path know what the purpose of this social network is, so each of us only has 10 friends.  I post whatever I like on this.


OK, yeah... I get it.. #Instadaily #instafood #sowhat...  

Foursquare/ Yelp

"Yes, I've been there" thing.  Could be part of gamification.  Yelp is more like an American thing, I guess. I check in on Foursquare when I go to somewhere interesting.

That's it!  I might be quite biased and just denied Facebook on this post, but this is how I see each social network.