Let me write something relevant to my study area because I feel like i've been away from some "academic" stuff.

Watch the clip below first.  It's on the website of "A day in big data" made by Ogilvy One.  

I saw this this morning when I got to the office.   

I instantly felt like watching Minority Report.

When they made this film, they might have known that this age would come soon.

Or some tech geeks were all affected by this popular culture/ entertaining image.

I don't know. 

But what I know is data is something cool, but scary at the same time.

Go to the link below.

We are data.  WatchDogs. 

This is basically telling you "You are watched and you are one of the data. "

Data really can understand human beings (Ogilvy One's), but could also makes humans really robotic.