New York

It's been 3 weeks since I got this land, and I think it's time to write something about it.
I hate to use the words like "journey" or "adventure", but it's been like an adventure since I got here.

I've started meeting people in the industry in New York (actually started in London), and what they have in common is that modesty.  They are just so modest and never said "I don't want to wast my time for a student's project."  They've never said that.  
They answer every single question I ask really carefully and they've never made me feel like I'm small.  

I hadn't had that much time to read books until I came here.  But I'm actually reading a lot on the underground (what they call subway) these days.  I actually have time to read. 

Here are some quotes from Dave Trott's "Predatory Thinking"

"We see things not as they are, but as we are."

"You only know what you know"

"Efficiency is doing things right.  Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

Since I'm making a book now, what I like to do in New York is just going to bookstores (old ones) and see if they have any interesting books.  I mean interesting books by books that catch my eye. 

This is my favourite bookstore.