"Advertising Society", "Conference"

I'm really looking forward to seeing him

After our pitch to Nando's, I decided to stay in London to see Dave Trott
He is my/our one of the heroes of advertising.
He's a huge guy in advertising.

A couple of my coursemates knew that I was going to see him.  So they asked me to talk to as many people as possible so we can invite guest lecturers for AdSoc.

I said "Actually I'm thinking to talk to Dave Trott himself"

I guess no one thought we would be actually able to invite him.
I wasn't expecting either.

During his talk, he said that university students cannot learn real advertising from education.

I kind of knew it.
I kind of knew the fact what universities offer is limited.

I was just like I pay a lot of money for my education.  I want ROI from it.

Since I'm here, I want to gain as much potential as I can.

So after finishing his talk, I waited until everyone's left and actually spoke to him

I asked him
"So what do you suggest us to learn at this stage?"

He asked me
"What do you want to be?"

I said
"I'm actually not sure yet, but I want to be a planner."

He said
"It's hard to become a planner in a foreign country.  It's not because of a language barrier, but a culture barrier.  Even I found it hard to work in New York.  But what you can do now is speaking to as many planners as you can, and ask them what the right position is for you."

And after this conversation, I said to him.
"Actually I am doing a Secretary for the BU Advertising Society.
Would you be able to come down to Bournemouth and give us a talk?"

He said "You are in advertising, talk me into it."

After coming back to Bournemouth, I told my Adsoc colleagues about this.

And we made a video and tweeted him.

I know it's not full of creativity because we were a bit rushing, but we really wanted to make this happen.

A few minutes after our tweet, he said
"Brilliant response guys, how could I say not."

So he's coming on the 22nd March.