Surrealism - New York -

My friend explained to me how 'surrealism' sees the world when we went to the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

I'm terrible at describing words, so I'll just copy and paste what Google says.

It's basically saying that the world can be seen from two different perspectives.  One is consciously identified and the other one is unconsciously seen.  

My trip to New York was just randomly happened.     

My mum told me "The time you think of going there is the right time you actually do it even if you have no money.  Since you get motivations from it,  you'll be able to work harder, and that will come as a good result after all."

So I literally booked everything 5 days before.  And at that time, I was really really busy and stressed with uni work.  

But that was the right decision I ever made in my life.  

It allowed me to see my vision/ future from different perspectives, like 'surrealism'. 

That was my first time to be there AND honestly, that was the best week ever.  

I travel at least once a year because I like travelling, but this time was different.  

It was not just like a week off.  It was actually a turning point of my life because I gained so much from it.  

I stayed at one of my school friends' flat in Queens when I was there, and I saw a couple of my old friends as well.  

Since we hadn't seen each other for long, we had a huge catch up (with a glass of wine, of course). 

Obviously we changed a lot since the last time we saw each other (about 4 years ago?), but when we were chatting, we were just like backing to school.  It's just like what it's said in the song 'It's time' by Imagine Dragons. 

I went to Madison Avenue to see some advertising agencies around there.  I also went to a conference at NYU.  What else...I also went to MOMA, which was pretty good.            

I took pictures of every single brand in 5th Avenue.  I don't own brands or wear them.  (Well I do, but only ZARA and MANGO.)  But here, I'm talking about brands like Chanel or Prada.  Obviously I don't wear them because I'm too young, haven't got money and I do not deserve them now.  But I love brands because I think they identify the society a lot.  I just love seeing them in a street or wherever appropriate.  Marc Jacobs' book store, Bookmarc, was my highlight by the way.  

I always think brand communications are really like interactions between human beings.  You communicate with people.  And even if you know who you are and what you want to say/ express, if you don't understand who you are talking to and what they are feeling, then your thoughts can't be actually passed on.  You can be even misunderstood.  It's the same as branding, I think.      

One of my friends told me that New York is all about 'image and status'.  I know.  But I think I like it.  I mean I think I can appreciate that culture.  It's New York.  It's the place where all brands are competing each other and trying to stand out.  I guess that's natural that even people become like that in that kind of environment.  

I don't even know how to express my feeling right now, but I already miss the city.  Something in my head or my intuition says I should go back there soon, and I think I will.  

The  city where yellow cabs and many cops are always around...I will be there soon again! I'm ready to get everything started.  I'm really motivated now.  But at the same time, I know what I have to do at the place where I have to be right now.  We just started a D&AD project today by the way, which is really exciting.  I'll write about it later.  

Lastly, the only thing I missed out in New York is that my friend saw Emma Watson in Soho when I was at another place.  I should of just stayed with her and been there.  


To see more pictures, click here.