I was told to write a short reflection at the end of my placement, so yeh…this is the thing.

Bizarre experience
If I had to express my placement in one word, I would say “mocha”.  It might be just me, but after drinking mocha you somehow want to brush your teeth because you get that bizarre feeling made by the mixture of bitter and sweet tastes, especially with the Starbucks’ ones.  (Maybe just because I had a terrible mocha this morning.)  I learnt to be bitter (better) as a professional, but also learnt to be sweet.  By sweet, I mean modest to think about others.  Then I was given an opportunity to brush my teeth (brush myself up).  I think this will continue forever as long as I keep trying to taste that bizarre coffee.  I am not really good at expressing myself in words, but hope you understand this explanation.

Learning things…
I have to be honest, I applied for this role just because I wanted to work at Saatchi, but realised that it does not really matter where you work at because who you work with is even more important.  It does not really matter what kind of jobs you are given, but how you deal with them is even more important and challenging yourself.  Apparently I did not do that hard-hard jobs, but I tried to complete them by trying my best.  Some people might get offended if I use an expression “step’ to explain this placement, but I have to say it is true that I am still in the progress of observing people and absorbing good points of them.  I kept observing people at Saatchi and respect the way they see “time”.  They know how to deal with it and how they are supposed to do with it. 

The balance of being confident (bitter) and modest (sweet) is the hardest thing for me because I do not know how to use words properly (both in Japanese and English), but I found the importance of knowing about the timing of “push and pull”.  I still have so many weaknesses, but I need to know how to embrace both strengths and weaknesses through bizarre experiences and how to “push and pull” in a good way. 

From now…
I always focus on myself and am still easy to be swayed by my emotions, which sounds childish.  My documents/ presentations represent that.  I believe that this placement was not just for my advertising career itself, but also my attitudes towards my future.  Obviously I am not the one who brought Christianity or guns to Japan, but I can actually bring myself to Japan in the same way in the future.  Learning how to be acceptable to be appreciated is the step for my next placement or even for my whole professional future.  I learnt the importance to appreciate to be listened when I talk to someone.  I really appreciate that I was given this opportunity to learn all these things in this great environment.  I love the fact that working at Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon is going to be a huge part of my history.  I have not done anything as a professional YET, but this experience will remind me to brush my teeth…maybe even whitening them. 

At the end of the placement, they gave me fantastic gifts that I was not expecting.  Thought I was going to cry.  That was really emotional.  Even a lady from the shop right next to the office gave me a bunch of flower as well!!!!! That was the most surprising thing, really.  Honestly, I am so glad that I was given an opportunity to work in that environment.  And thank you all who wish my future success and happiness. I will keep their messages as my treasures.