Haven’t done any film reviews for ages, so I think it’s time to restart.
1. In time

I watched a film called "In time" on the way back to England.
To be honest, I watched it just because I like Amanda Seyfried.

It’s the film that represents capitalism basically.

You sell your time just to make money.

This film is just saying “this can happen in the future”, but I think it’s already happening. 

The story was a bit predictable, but if you like action, then you might like it.

I mean it’s not the film that you spend £6 to watch at the cinema.

2. Total Recall

I watched this with my new housemates, May and Cecilie.

After watching the film, we all were like

“It’s like a mixture of Inception, Salt, Matrix, Star Wars, etc. ”

It was basically something we had seen in our life.

To some extent, it was similar to “In time” as well.

“Something that can happen in the future”

3. The Avengers

And the day after we watched “Total Recall”, we watched “The Avengers”

It was absolutely hilarious! I mean the script was just so good,

And Iron Man became my favourite.
He’s the funny one.

BUT…the narrative has got nothing I have to say.

Bur it’s something that you watch when you don’t want to think anything.

4. Letters to Juliet

This is another Amanda’s film.
I watched it because I was really ill at home (by myself). Had a glass of wine while watching though.

I really like Amanda’s voice by the way.

Me and my mum went to Verona when we were travelling Italy.  And realised that I had got a Letters to Juliet DVD, but couldn't remember the narrative, so I watched it again.

It’s just a love story in general.
I mean the location is beautiful, but I don’t think it’s the best romance film ever.

I watched Romeo & Juliet (DiCaprio ver.) straight after and fell asleep.
By the way, the name DiCaprio is from Capri Island in Italy.  And the reason why he was named Leonard is because he reacted a lot in his mum’s womb when his mum was watching a Leonard da Vinci’s picture.

5. The perks of being a wallflower

I will watch this soon because I am a massive fan of Emma Watson.  I’ve been a fan of her since she started acting in Harry Potter.  My housemates also like her.
She’s so intelligent, but also modest.

Anyway, last night, just a random guy came into our house just because there was a huge party at our next door, so he was there.  He is a model.  And you know what, he is a grandson of Julia Dench.  He worked for the same photographer as Emma Watson.  So he has met her!!! I was just too excited to sleep last night.  Had such a good time last night.

6.Never let me go

I've never watched this film yet, but I really love to.  My boss gave me the book the other day.  So I've just started reading it...