Music From my Dad

This sounds so weird, but i just found that what I like is what my dad used to like.
Although me and dad spent time together only for about 10 years,
(actually less than that, considering he was not at home most of the time)
I like what he used to like.

For example, music

He used to listen to...

I like these songs as well.

And I listen to 

They are quite similar, aren't they?

He liked films like I do now.
We used to have film nights every weekend.
It's quite unusual in a Japanese family because they don't have any film culture.

He loved foreign stuff a lot.
He liked "differences"
Actually he was the "difference".lol
He liked arts.
He was good at finding new things before everyone finds out.
He was so creative.

For creative, I'm not sure if I'm that creative, but I want to be...

So...what my kids are going to be like?