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Day 2: Consumer Insight


Why did they become icons?
Because they have 
The 3R’s: Realness, Resonance, and Relevancy

Having read the book called “how to write a catch copy”,
I found that there are so many things that we do as common sense, but once we are told through “creative words”, we become like

“WOW…that’s so impressive.”

Things are hidden as “common senses” or something we naturally do. 
We don’t even recognise what that is,
but it’s something so true.

The answers of the brands are here...

Ha! I love this!! 

Saatchi lecture – Lovemarks-

When I had this lecture, I was like…

That is the thing that I am learning at Saatchi Japan.

I believe Saatchi is the agency which understands glocalisation.

As a company, we have the same philosophy, Lovemarks.
We are actually working on the exactly same brands.

But we understand who we are working for and where we are working at.

Obviously each country has different types of clients even though the brands are the same.
So we need to adapt to each culture.

I really like working in this environment.  
I feel so privileged that I was given this opportunity to learn about all these things. 
I'm now proud of where I am.

Case studies
NIKE always does a cool thing!

And of course, John Lewis, as I have wrote about this last year, 
I love this advert!

To be honest, I had seen all these adverts before the lecture,
so I could see all insights straight after we watched them in the lecture.