Day 1 in Japan

So...Day 1 in Japan was really hectic.

I arrived at Narita International Airport at 9:30am 
and had to wait for my house agency at Shibuya until 2pm. 

Then I arrived at my new flat and did some paper work until 3:30pm.
Had my hair cut at 4-5pm.
Went for walk and shopping at Shibuya until 9pm.

I was so knackered.  
I couldn't sleep on the plane this time as the films were really good.

I watched...

My Week With Marilyn 

Emma Watson is so good
although the narrative itself is not very good.


I didn't watch the entire film.
But yeah, I think it's worth watching because people who graduated from Bournemouth 
got involved in making this film.

Extremely loud and Incredibly close

I fell asleep at the middle of the film.
Will watch it again on the way back to England.

The Iron Lady
I loved it, especially because I did Thatcher's history in Global Business Context.
I liked Meryl Streep's acting as well.
She's such a nice actress.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
Watched it and hated.
I just didn't like the narrative.

The Vow
Channing Tatum!!