Job Hunting

I think every country has different ways of job huntings.
And I think Japan is extremely different.
They find jobs by using social networks.
I don't really know.
 But as far as I know, companies provide their information through social networks,
and students collect their ideas from it?
I might be wrong, but they do something like that.

Many of my friends have started finding jobs.
I guess what is the most important thing is 


Just like what they did...

Well this is another extreme idea, but it's worth trying like this! Ha!

I read one of the copywriters' comments on facebook today which I totally agree with.

He says

I have seen so many boring covering letters.  
That's not because they are 'boring'. 
The society which teaches them boring stuff makes them boring.

Don't try to be the BEST one
because we don't want the BEST one.
We want someone who makes us want to work with.

Don't try to be precise, but be original.
It's hard to be creative, 
but we want something NEW.

Take your time to work out what you really want.
Because there must be something that you really enjoy.

Enjoy your job hunting.
That's the chance to meet someone you've never met.
That's the chance to enter the world you've never been.
Just enjoy!

And finally...

Look forward to be a part of society (the real world).
Because that's the place where you can do something more exciting!

"The world is getting better from now on"
By Haruki Murakami

Honestly, I look forward to start working. 
(although I still have 3 more years at uni. 2 years technically...)
I can't wait for my placement year!