"Competiton", "Conference", "Event", "Placement", "Project"

Business 2012

I went to one of the biggest business events in London last month.

Who is the lady standing next to me!!!???

It is Kimberly Davis from "The Apprentice"!

I was actually overwhelmed.
I can't believe I had an opportunity to talk to her like one to one.  
She's one of my inspirational people in my life.
She came to my university to do a lecture in October last year and I was there.  
So I said to her I was there.
And she was very friendly and nice:)

Google One to One session

That was really intense.  
I must say I learnt a lot more from them than from Sir Branson. 
But it was literally really good.
I learnt how to use Google Adword, Google Analytic and so on.
I was actually sitting there for 30 mins.

Can't believe I actually said to them

"Adsense is nonsense"

But this is actually what I found.
I was going to use Adsense for my blog because I just wanted make some money,
but I found I can't make any benefits from it...

Sir Richard Branson

I can tell how nice he is from his talk.
He's funny and loves entertainment a lot.
And most of all, he prioritises his stuff, not customers. 

Basically the party room was pretty cool, but was a bit empty in the end.
I guess everyone was just tired after all sessions.
But it was just the first day of the whole event, so maybe they just went back home before it was going to be too late.

I'm now addicted to this kind of event.
I think I'm going to one of the advertising events in near future.
I have decided to spend money on those things, rather than just clubbing or drinking.
Although it's still good to have drinks with my friends:)