The best speeches

I've seen so many speeches given by actors and actresses, but these two people's are always my favourites.  They always cheer me up.

Black Swan

That's the word for this film, I reckon.
It's just shocking.
I was not expecting it would end like this.
I liked it.
The narrative is just amazing.
And most of all, the trailer is great.
Natalie are such a talented actress.
You deserve the award,
I've been a massive fan of her since her first film, Leon.

Another lady who inspires me...
Kate Winslet 

"Revolutionary Road"

Although the trailer is pretty good, I didn't like the film itself.  
It disappointed me.  
It's just not as great as I was expecting.  
To what extent? 
I don't know. 
I just felt so bad after watching this film.
80% of the whole film is argument, and the rest of it is just sex.
I didn't like it maybe because I was too young to watch?