What if...

What if I was in Japan on the 11 March 2011?

It's been a year since the huge earthquake + tsunami happened in Japan.

I was just lying on my bed and checking facebook with my blackberry when it happened.

One of my friends' status was saying
"Wow...that was a big one"

In the next morning, I checked BBC news and found that there was a huge earthquake in my home country.

What if I was there?

I'm scared of the fact that I'm kind of feeling like it didn't happen at all.

I was in Winchester at that time, so Japanese students there got together and did some fundraising events.

I didn't want to join it at first to be honest...

Because I didn't like the idea of "events"

I was like "Are we going to get fun from this earthquake?  Why are we enjoying?"

So some people might have misunderstood me.

And I also didn't like the idea of judging people from the events, like who's volunteering and who's not.

Does volunteering mean like that?

One of my best friends said the same thing on her blog.  I totally agree with her.

Even if you do something good, if you don't think of victims or evacuators truly, that doesn't mean "volunteer". 

But I realised that however we behave, nothing's going to change.
So I decided to join some events.
I also realised that what they really need from foreign countries is financial support.
So what we could do from here is donating as much money as we can.

And now...what am I doing in Bournemouth?
Just pretending to be a nice person? 
What can I do from outside the country?

I think I should think of my home country more than I normally do.

There's a link that you can make a difference from anywhere in the world.