What do you think of this facebook timeline thingy?

Personally I don't really like it.

I think the cover bit on the top is fine, but I don't understand the idea of showing my past in public (although I'm using it).

I was going to change it back straight after, but it didn't allow me to do that.

So I googled it typing "How to changed it back"

The answer was

"There's no way to change it back"

I was like...


Was so annoyed.

But from a brands perspective, it's not necessary bad.
It's actually great.

Because you can stand out by showing your brands' pictures on the top.  And it's very catchy as well.  Here are some examples.  I like the Star Bucks one.

And also, you can show your brand's history through timelines.




Star Bucks

" businesses should use it as an opportunity to feature something powerful and captivating"

LinkedIn is also saying about ads on facebook
"Facebook believes that this ultimately will pay greater dividends for brands than conventional advertising"

Marketing Week
"We want marketers to evolve from creating ads to telling stories to engage consumers on the richest and most customiseable marketing canvas we have ever created for businesses"

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