Mischief Managed!

Public Relations are not all about doing stuff for free.
It's actually more than that.

What is it then?

It's to communicate with people in a positive way and to create conversations about companies (clients).
It can reduce negative images of companies by creating positive images and adding values with a small amount of money.

And most of all, they have to make "Word of mouth (WOM)" more effective.

I liked one of the CURB's examples.
The client was Warner Brothers.

So basically they need to promote the film which is about virus spreading around...
But they didn't have a huge budget, so what they did was coveying the message of the film on a billboard using nothing but bacteria.  I know...this sounds horrible, but it worked very effectively.
Everyone just tweeted or facebooked each other.  

This was the first time for me to write about PR, actually.
But I guess it's an interesting subject.