I woke up at 4am today and have been working on research for our IMC project that I have to finish by noon...

And I'm like halfway through done.

Now...having another cup of coffee, listening to radio 4, and just chilling.

Well I need to finish it asap...

How do I explain what Pinterest is?  I've started it just about 2 weeks ago.
So I don't really know about it, but I found it quite fun.

When I explain it to my friends...

I always say

"It's another social network, but more like visual based.  And it's much more fun.  You can sort out your favourite pictures on your own board"

On this article, it says that 70-80% of the users are women.

Yeh...I can see why.  Obviously, the logo is girlish.  
The background is also pink and girlish.

Just like this...

I think it's so much better than facebook (at least for me) because I can just enjoy great pictures and share them.  And I don't have to see something I'm not interested in.

On my board, I put the words "HAPPY", "LOVELY", "BEAUTIFUL", "COOL", "WARM" and "I JUST LOVE IT"  because I wanted them out by how I feel by seeing them.

I think pictures are more about emotions rather than rational things.

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