I am in Gen Y

 I wasn't very keen on digital media.
I still like traditional media.  
I know they are expensive and it takes a lot of time to make, 
but I like them as you may have noticed by reading this blog.

I like ambient media as well.  They all are creative.  

But I know I can't deny how huge impact digital advertising has brought in this world.  

Obviously, they are faster and cheaper than any types of adverts.  

And my lecturers always say 

"If you can specifically talk about SEO, it helps your career a lot"

When I was doing Media Production, I did a bit of Dreamweaver and found that the most complicated thing ever.

I've also started foursquare, just today.  
Decided to get as much information as I can, like this Ogilvy's article says.

For me, social media work like this...

1. Faceboook
Just for uni work, society, brands+ads information, and to keep in touch with my old friends.  I used to do facebook a lot more than I do now.  But I just got bored with it.

2. Twitter

Just to check the latest news in general.

3. LinkedIn
Just for networking and see discussions in the industry

4. Foursquare 
Just started...so I don't know how it's going to be like. 
But I kind of like it!