Think different

I think everyone recognised which brand I'm talking about now.

I read one of Steve Jobs' books on the plane to England and remember he said that he was not focusing on marketing.

What he said was

"As long as the products themselves are great, they don't have to do marketing because customers are going to buy them anyway"

As an advertising student, I was like 


So here are some examples of their adverts...

This one is quite old, I think.  This is one of my favourite adverts in my life.  
But actually there's another one with the song called "Around the Bend".  
That is my favourite as well, but couldn't find it.



As an iPad user, their product itself is actually great.  

But do you think they didn't do enough for marketing?  

I think they did.

They have a strong message with a great use of peripheral route.  

And most of all, they are all memorable.  
They have created such a strong icon in this world.

"With an iPad, you can be successful"

"With an iPad, you can be stylish"

"With an iPad, you can be cooler"

People may buy Apple's products just because they want make their life easier, but I believe that the reason why they buy them is more than that; they want their products for their status making.

And the adverts are saying that.