Jill Stuart

Why Jill Stuart?

I've always liked the brand, Jill Stuart.  Why? Because I like its adverts.  They are all like gorgeous, and sometimes unique/distinctive.  I used to like it even more when I was at high school.  I think the target audience is 17-25 year old women.  I couldn't buy products from there because they are expensive, but I just loved to go to the shop to see the adverts.   The top one is still my laptop's background.  

 I love this one because I just like the use of different colours on the wall.  Also I can feel something strong from her.  I like the clothes she's wearing as well.

This one is completely opposite to the top one, I think.  I can feel something warm from her.  Also she looks very smart and the colour of green suits her. I like the combination of brown (the colour of clothes) and green (the colour of grass).  It makes me feel like cozy.  It's just like natural.


Another completely different advert...I think it's made as a cosmetics ad.  One word...aesthetic. 

I used to like Lindsey Lohan until she started drugs and stuff. Not sure if she's the right person to do this advert.  I like the ad itself though.  I just like the use of black and white as well as its simpleness.  

And finally...this is the ad which one of my groupmates made for our project when we were at high school in Japan.  I think some people recognise it.  We made a magazine as a part of group work for Media Studies.  And we wanted to put some adverts in our magazine.  So my friend made an advert for Jill Stuart and Disney Land, and I made an advert for Roxy.  This was when we were 3rd year at high school.  That was an amazing group actually.  I think we got A on this project.  Sorry about the low quality by the way.  When I enlarged this image, it didn't work alright, which is a shame.

Our TV commercial was also good.  But I'm not sure if I should upload it on this blog...