I know it's too late to argue

But...I want to talk about last year's Christmas campaigns' competition which was really hot, especially John Lewis (as many of you know).  Those of you who have never seen it, please watch it!  We watched it so many times during lectures and seminars.  

What do you think of that?  

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011 

First time I watched it, I though he's just so cute and sweet.  But because I watched it so many times, I got bored.  My lecturer doesn't like it.  Charlie Brooker doesn't like it either.  I think that the advert itself is fine.  Considering its target audience, women aged 25-50?, it's working very well.  Its emotional engagement with the audience is just great.  But...I kind of see the reason why some people say the boy is creepy.  

How about this one?

I actually prefer this one...maybe because I'm a woman? No, I think I just like the song.  I just like Billy Joel since I was a child.  Both adverts above are the great examples of emotional engagement with target audience.  Hope you enjoyed them.