Godiva = My favourite advert, brand, and product

Sorry I have been away from the blog for a week.  Today, I want to introduce my favourite poster adverts, Godiva.   

I like their adverts, brand personality, and products.  Why? Because they offer us something luxury and gorgeous.  I think they trigger women's needs and desires.  Especially these adverts above involves sexuality a lot, just like Haagen Daz. They have been my favourite since I was 18 when I did a presentation on chocolate adverts.  

I believe its target audience is women aged 20-40.  Although I can't afford to buy its products, I just like to see them.  I feel something special from the brand, something superior.  

This advert above is very artistic as well.  Again, the target audience is women aged 20-40.  One of the most important aspects for brands is consistency.  I think Godiva represents that.

By the way, why do women like chocolates? I am also a massive fan of them.  But why...? Personally I like dark ones. 

Speaking of chocolates, Valentine's day is coming in 2 days! In Japan, girls give boys chocolates on the Valentine's day.  I remember there's a reason why they do it, but I can't remember what that is.  But anyway, that's their tradition.