Compare the meerkat

Ok, I think it's time to introduce my favourite ad of the year.  
Who are they? Meerkats!! Yes, VCCP's 'Compare the meerkat' TV adverts have been my favourite since last year.  It really sounds like 'Compare the market', but it's actually 'meerkat'. 

The ads are very catchy and  I saw them so many times, especially during summer.  

And the good thing is that they keep making new stories of adverts, so even kids can enjoy the car insurance ads.  So I think its target audience can be broad, like age 6-45?  Their creativity as well as IMC are working well.  They make toy-meerkats and also they have even published some books.  They also use both peripheral and central routes, which allows the ads to work more effectively.

The bottom one is my favourite.  I actually used it for my assignment as well.    
  • Agency: VCCP