Since I mentioned the name of "Cadbury's" earlier, I feel like I have to write about it.  Also it was introduced as one of the weird ads on today's Channel 4 "The Mad Bad Ad Show".  Cadbury's is one of my favourite companies.  I don't buy their original chocolate, but I buy the dark one.    

We've actually watched their TV advert in the lecture because we just wanted to watch it!  It's really funny.  

If you have no idea what Cadbury's is, you probably don't understand what the advert is about.  Even if you know the brand, until the end of the advert, you can't really tell which brand it is.  But because they use something "weird" as their creativity, you somehow pay attention to it.  That's how ads work effectively.  Well if you have like a great ability to guess something, then you might recognise the brand by just seeing the girl's clothe's colour, purple.  But most of us don't recognise until the end, do we?  Some people think this advert is just too weird and not working well, but I just enjoy watching it.  Well this is not one of my favourites, but I just like it in general.   

Agency: fallon

By the way, I am so happy that the number of my blog's viewers are getting bigger and bigger.  I just want to say thank you to all of you.  You encourage me a lot.   What surprise me the most is that people in every continent in the world read this blog.  Just one thing that I feel like a shame about is that my mother can't read English:( But I'm sure she understands how I'm doing with this blog!