Fair Trade - Green Ad -

Fairtrade Foundation 'The Big Swap' advert

How much do you know about Fair Trade?  

When I ask my Japanese friends this question, they say 'None'.

They say they've never even seen the logo.

I know Fair Trade because in England, it's like everywhere.  
And also I am involved in Shared Interest which is a fundraising community to raise donation towards Fair Trade Foundation.  

I think this advert should be more promoted in Japan because, as I said, Japanese people have little knowledge about fair trade or charity.  Many of them don't even care about what's going on in other countries.  They have abilities/income/power to help, but why they don't care about it? Are they too busy to consider that?

Emma Watson does a campaign with People Tree which is targeting young people.  She said she doesn't want to do any celebrity endorsement for this campaign because her work, designing new clothes with Fair Trade Foundation, is just what she purely wanted to do.  I think it's amazing, considering she is one of famous actresses in the world.  

What we can do for 'the Fair World' as a consumer is just buying products from them, according to the website.