Celebrity Endorsement?

Emma Watson :Trésor Midnight Rose - Lancôme

Emma Watson is one of my favourite British actresses.  I've been a big fan of her since I was 10.  Do you think this celebrity endorsement is working?  I think it is.  Well...for me, apparently.  But I don't think the target audience is my age as I think Lancome is for older than 25 or more?  Kate Winslet used to do Lancome adverts, so I think she suits the brand better than Emma does.  Kate Winslet is another my favourite British actress by the way.  Cosmetics or fragrance ads tend to use celebrity endorsement a lot because they trigger DESIRE.  I didn't see the whole narrative, but as long as celebrity endorsement works, I think adverts are fine.  Not sure if it's right or not though.  

Another use of celebrity endorsement which I like is this.  

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel - Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley, another great British actress, is selling Chanel's fragrance.  I think she's kind of like an icon of luxury.  Its target audience can be 25-30? so people like her age, I think.

I normally don't buy products because of celebrity endorsement, but I think I just love watching those ads.