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Day 4: Digital Advertising

That was one of the greatest lectures I've ever had in my life.

To be honest, I didn't like digital adverts that much when I started the advertising course, but I really do now. I think our lifestyle is not just changing by itself, but is changed by digital. 

The lecturer was so nice as well.

Dietmar Dahmen, who basically knows about lots of cool stuff.

In the lecture, we saw some really good case studies. I had known some of them, but every time I see it I feel like it’s not all about creativity, but also about effectiveness. 

We are not living in A.D. anymore.

We are now living in

A.G.= After Google

So true…

Even thought some countries, like Japan, still prefer Yahoo, Google changed the way we live. 

Without Google, how can we find where we want to go?
Without Google, how can we translate things that quickly?

At the end of the lecture, he taught us

6 Rules to be successful in the digital world

1.    People like fame – Fame works before they buy
2.    People trust others - WOM
3.    People love themselves – Myvertising (From broadcast to ego-casting)
4.    People are extremely lazy – Digital Laziness, they just focus on what surround them. 
5.    People define your situation - Decisions are situations
6.    People like extras (e.g. Coffee with fair trade)

Ok…this post is getting boring as it’s just like lecture note, but what I want to say here is apps are becoming my favourite bits of digital.

"Competiton", "Placement", "Project"

Day 2: Consumer Insight


Why did they become icons?
Because they have 
The 3R’s: Realness, Resonance, and Relevancy

Having read the book called “how to write a catch copy”,
I found that there are so many things that we do as common sense, but once we are told through “creative words”, we become like

“WOW…that’s so impressive.”

Things are hidden as “common senses” or something we naturally do. 
We don’t even recognise what that is,
but it’s something so true.

The answers of the brands are here...

Ha! I love this!! 

Saatchi lecture – Lovemarks-

When I had this lecture, I was like…

That is the thing that I am learning at Saatchi Japan.

I believe Saatchi is the agency which understands glocalisation.

As a company, we have the same philosophy, Lovemarks.
We are actually working on the exactly same brands.

But we understand who we are working for and where we are working at.

Obviously each country has different types of clients even though the brands are the same.
So we need to adapt to each culture.

I really like working in this environment.  
I feel so privileged that I was given this opportunity to learn about all these things. 
I'm now proud of where I am.

Case studies
NIKE always does a cool thing!

And of course, John Lewis, as I have wrote about this last year, 
I love this advert!

To be honest, I had seen all these adverts before the lecture,
so I could see all insights straight after we watched them in the lecture.  

"Competiton", "Placement", "Project"

Day 1 in Amsterdam



The start of this programme was not very good
because I missed the plane that I had to get.

I had to go to Bristol first and meet my friend there.

That was the time I came to the conclusion that
"I am stupid"

But, I think I'm enjoying the stay here now, especially the lectures.

For me, I think this programme is to find out "where I stand in the whole Europe".

I'm kind of knowing where I stand in England and Japan, 
but I had never thought of where I stand in Europe.



We did how we should work for clients as businesses.

Having worked at Saatchi for a month, I kind of feel like 

"Oh this is what our clients expect us to do..."

But a part of myself is saying

"But this is not exactly what I want to do..."

I think that can happen all the time in the industry.

I think it's kind of similar to the idea of 
"Parents and kids"

Parents "I want my kids to be like..."

But kids are like 
"No, but I want to be like this..."

Their ideas might be simliar, but they are not exactly the same.

But this is why we need to be integrated and understand each other.


Working at Saatchi

It's been a month (technically more than that) since I started my placement at Saatchi.

I had never been able to have a time to write my blog, which was pretty sad.

But I'm back in England for a day and starting my advertising training in Amsterdam from next week.

So now I've got 2 months left working at Saatchi.

I think this is the right time to clarify my experience.  

First of all...

1. Why Saatchi?

When I first thought about it, I realised that I had never heard of the name before starting this advertising course,
But I knew it's big.
I knew it's great.
I knew it's worth working there.

But I didn't exactly know what that is.

So I went to their website and found about their culture and clients, I really liked it!
Obviously, advertising is not my goal, but I guess I have to start from here.  
Well actually I think this is a perfect start!

And what we do at Saatchi is just so creative and cleaver.

I was like I want to learn all about advertising from them!

2. But why in Tokyo?

The first thing is...Saatchi in London only does a week placement and it's a lot more competitive.
And I was just like I wouldn't be able to get it there.

And I found the link to Saatchi Global and found a Japanese one.
I was like
"I didn't know there's one in Tokyo!"
So I emailed them without expecting any reply and got through some interviews.
And yeh, I'm like yay!

But the main reason why I chose Tokyo is that 
"I'd never lived in Tokyo, meaning I'd never worked in Tokyo"

But what people in the industry (especially global companies/ agencies) would expect me is to have some work experience both in Japan (Tokyo) as well as in other countries.

Obviously I know how I am supposed to behave in British business, but I didn't know that much about 
Japanese business manner.

And I think that it's such a shame if I didn't know any of Japanese business culture.

I've done some part-time jobs in Japan (Hokkaido), but I had never done any proper job there, 
so I had no chance to learn the actual Japanese business culture.

And like I said, even if I work abroad, what people expect me to have is 
some certain Japanese business manner and some experience there.

So I thought it's a good opportunity to learn there 
and have a Japanese business background. 

3. What are people here there?

Basically...they are all very nice!
They teach me a lot.
And I respect them a lot.
And because Saatchi in Japan is not as big as the one in London, I have a personal tutor who teaches me everything.
He teaches me how to write a project proposal and make a great presentation etc.
I think everyone helps me a lot.
They try to find the way I can do my best within 3 months. 
And we go lunch together which is my favourite time:)
Sometimes I feel like I'm bothering them (I try not to...) but I'm a student, so


4. What is the job like? Did I change my mind at all?

The job itself is REALLY NICE.
I think sometimes I'm too tired with doing all stuff and it's kind of tiring just living in Tokyo cos lots of things are going on at the same time here, 
so my brain just stops working and don't want to do anything at all.
But I just realised that working at Saatchi is such a great experience that people can hardly experience.
So I should appreciate that.
Sometimes I can be busy, but I should appreciate every single job and enjoy it.
I think my mind haven't been changed at all.
I mean I still like advertising, but I still want to be a "Film advertiser".

I think I like advertising a lot more than I used to though.
I'm currently reading some books on advertising, so I'll share it at some point.  

5. What's next?

So I want to have more international backgrounds now...
Now I want to experience the industry in the U.S. now...
I know this sounds so stupid, but working in the U.S. must be a great opportunity to learn all different cultures.

"Competiton", "Conference", "Event", "Placement", "Project"

Business 2012

I went to one of the biggest business events in London last month.

Who is the lady standing next to me!!!???

It is Kimberly Davis from "The Apprentice"!

I was actually overwhelmed.
I can't believe I had an opportunity to talk to her like one to one.  
She's one of my inspirational people in my life.
She came to my university to do a lecture in October last year and I was there.  
So I said to her I was there.
And she was very friendly and nice:)

Google One to One session

That was really intense.  
I must say I learnt a lot more from them than from Sir Branson. 
But it was literally really good.
I learnt how to use Google Adword, Google Analytic and so on.
I was actually sitting there for 30 mins.

Can't believe I actually said to them

"Adsense is nonsense"

But this is actually what I found.
I was going to use Adsense for my blog because I just wanted make some money,
but I found I can't make any benefits from it...

Sir Richard Branson

I can tell how nice he is from his talk.
He's funny and loves entertainment a lot.
And most of all, he prioritises his stuff, not customers. 

Basically the party room was pretty cool, but was a bit empty in the end.
I guess everyone was just tired after all sessions.
But it was just the first day of the whole event, so maybe they just went back home before it was going to be too late.

I'm now addicted to this kind of event.
I think I'm going to one of the advertising events in near future.
I have decided to spend money on those things, rather than just clubbing or drinking.
Although it's still good to have drinks with my friends:)