Darth Vader's theme from "Star Wars" in the style of Beethoven.

This has made my day. 

It's not because I was a Star Wars geek, but my interest in the space is getting bigger.

(I used to think I was a Jedi when I was a kid.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 13.31.10.jpg

It is about romance, really. 

And I really want to see the film called "Gravity"  which was directed by my favourite director, Alfonso Cuarón.

Ha! Classic! 

Some people might see it from a religious point of view. 

Well I personally thought it is a narrative of Christianity. 


One of the briefs we did at the university was 

Bring people on the Earth to Mars by 2050

Who would be the target audience if we did a campaign for that? 

How are we going to persuade them? 

We decided to create a massive panic campaign on the earth.  I'm not going write the details now, but we won a bottle of wine as a prize.

I guess there are a lot of issues that we need to solve as a global scale.  But actually, it may not be a global scale; it's actually a space scale.  If we see the earth from the space, we might find solutions from different perspectives.  I don't know.

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I just remember how much Trevor Beattieone of the heroes of advertising, talked about his obsession with the space when he came to the university to give us a lecture.  

Wikipedia explains "Trevor Beattie is an advertising executive responsible for a number of high-profile and often controversial advertising campaigns — most notably the "
fcuk " campaign for French Connection" Oh dear..