Super Bowl Ads 2013

Toyota By Saatchi & Saatchi LA

My first comment was not about the advert, but about Kaley Cuoco. 
She got a bit old. 
She's still young and hasn't changed that much since she was 17 when she was in 8 simple rules,  
but still feel like she got old. 
Every time I see The Big Bang Theory, I feel like it too.


Oreo By W+K
This is my favourite this year.
I love the fact people keep the silence until the end.

Pepsi Next By TBWA

I don't know if this advert actually has got the insight of the audience, but still funny.

"Bravery.  It's what defines us"
I love it!
It's just like this Polo advert, but has more narrative behind it.
By Venables

I thought last year's was funnier, but I always like M&M's adverts.
By BBDO New York

I really don't like this advert.
I think many people don't like it either.
It's impactful, but it's just too weird.

By Deutsch NY

But is it worth to spend $3.8 million for these 30 seconds adverts?
76 % people think advertising is exaggerated (Socialmedia today 2013)

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