"Competiton", "Project"

Nando's Presentation

We went to Havas Media in London to do a final pitch to Nando's.
That was such a great experience, not just because we could eat free Nando's in the office, but because we had an opportunity to actually present in front of people from Nando's and people who work there.  
And most of all..
We won the pitch!

When we were preparing for this presentation, like 2 months ago, we were actually stressed, because we had lots to do at the same time.  And my dad passed away a week before the presentation and I was actually stressed.  

We actually finished this 10 mins before the presentation.
(I think that was kind of a miracle that we finished it in time.)
We didn't even practice beforehand.

But after the presentation, our lecturers said
"Your presentation is the best so far"

So I really wished to go to London.

And we made it!

I think I had a best team for this project.
I mean "the best collaborated team".
We had a good collaboration of creative, logical, organised people.

Well done team!

Yay free Nando's

Nando's tweeted saying "Quick shout out to the super-smart Bournemouth uni students we met today.  We had fun, thank you!"

Thank YOU!