"Conference", "Event"

Ogilvy Storytelling Lab

I was just so lucky that I got a ticket to go to Ogilvy Storytelling Lab day last month.  

That was so inspirational.  

The event itself was about digital and that was relevant to what I'm doing at uni now, Digital Communication Strategy.

I think the difference between this year and last year is that I'm more engaged with my course and I'm loving it more!!  

I got THE book with THE autograph.  

At the after drink, I spoke to several people who are currently working at Ogilvy.
I introduced myself, gave my business card and told them that as the AdSoc we're inviting people from the industry to give us a talk. 

Nick and Will came to the Adsoc on the 19th November!!!!
That was amazing! 
The lecture theatre was full and everyone enjoyed it!! 

Thanks @NickBracko and Will!!

So glad they came over from London!!

I'm so glad we made the event successful!!