Old and New Room

It was just so sad to say good bye to my housemates in Tokyo.

I lived with 130 people there!!

130 people!! I know...that’s mental.  
They were not just students, but also professionals as well.
I loved that mixed and international environment.  

I really miss them.
I really miss the housemates who supported me when I was stressed in Tokyo.Haha! 

But you know what, I’d never liked my room in Tokyo because I had never been able to sort things out.  

I was just like “It’s only 3 months I stay here, so what’s the point to make it very organised?”

I didn’t spend time in that room.  I just stayed in the common room and was chatting with everyone when I was at home.

But this time...my new room is different!

Candle and Angels:) 

 Old world map! 
I will put some more pictures on the wall!

It’s really cozy and warm.
I really like it.