Grazie Italy

Having 2 weeks off in Italy was splendid for me because I just had finished my placement.  Those weeks were the time that I got to know about my parents the most. 

I didn’t know my dad used to be a model and worked at a club.
I didn't know my mum used to hang out with a guy who was well-known in the town just because his family was really rich.

I now know the reason why my dad used to invite foreigners in my house.
I now know the reason why I used to be taught Italian by my dad.

And you know what, even if I didn’t like him that much or even if I couldn't spend that much time with him, we have so much in common.

The trip itself was amazing by the way.
We went to Rome (7 days), Florence (3 days), Venice (1 ½ day), Milan (2 days), and Verona (1 day). 

Florence and Venice were just amazing.

Venice was the best!

I loved the city itself. Its atmosphere, shops, and everything!

And even more…I got the taxi that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt used when Angelina was filming The Tourist there. 

Me and my mum went to a restaurant along the river.
After that, we were like “We should get a taxi even if it’s really expensive”

And I said to my mum “I really wanna get this one cause this one looks like the best”

So we asked a driver how much it costs and he said he will give us a discount.

So we were like “Yeeeey!”

From the taxi, I actually saw the buildings that were used for the film “The Tourist”.
So I said “That building was in the film!”

And the driver was like “Yes it is! I can do a film set tour for you.”

During the tour, he said he gave a lift for Johnny Depp, Angie, and Brad Pitt.

I was like “No wonder why this was the best taxi…”

Anyway I had this best experience ever in my life.

Venice…I will come back soon. 

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