"Competiton", "Placement", "Project"

Day 4: Digital Advertising

That was one of the greatest lectures I've ever had in my life.

To be honest, I didn't like digital adverts that much when I started the advertising course, but I really do now. I think our lifestyle is not just changing by itself, but is changed by digital. 

The lecturer was so nice as well.

Dietmar Dahmen, who basically knows about lots of cool stuff.

In the lecture, we saw some really good case studies. I had known some of them, but every time I see it I feel like it’s not all about creativity, but also about effectiveness. 

We are not living in A.D. anymore.

We are now living in

A.G.= After Google

So true…

Even thought some countries, like Japan, still prefer Yahoo, Google changed the way we live. 

Without Google, how can we find where we want to go?
Without Google, how can we translate things that quickly?

At the end of the lecture, he taught us

6 Rules to be successful in the digital world

1.    People like fame – Fame works before they buy
2.    People trust others - WOM
3.    People love themselves – Myvertising (From broadcast to ego-casting)
4.    People are extremely lazy – Digital Laziness, they just focus on what surround them. 
5.    People define your situation - Decisions are situations
6.    People like extras (e.g. Coffee with fair trade)

Ok…this post is getting boring as it’s just like lecture note, but what I want to say here is apps are becoming my favourite bits of digital.