Day 3 Creativity

Ok I have to admit that I was going to scream in the lecture
because the lecture I had was...
presented by Steve Henry!!
He is a famous Creative Director in the industry, especially in the UK.


Big picture?

Wired? or Genius?

I think creativity mostly comes from what people experience.
So for me, films, books, and stories from people.

To improve my creativity, I always try to think about how each product is connoted to each person.
So I make a drama in my head.

For example, Louis Vuitton's bag.

That's not something I'm obsessed with, but obviously some people are.
So what I do is just observing people who have the brand's bag, and try to imagine their background and experience,
and see how they are connected to the brand.  

I think CONNECTIVITY inspires people's CREATIVITY.

So I try to absorb as much as I can in my life.

And this is also what Steve said in the lecture 

I like weird stuff (like I said on "About Me") 
I think wired stuff is the thing that inspires me.