What makes women happy?

I came to the conclusion.

My mum always says to me

"Even if you are busy, you have to care about yourself.  
Buy new clothes, things you want...
Not everyday though! Just once a month or something like that.

It's not wasting money, but investing in yourself.

If you buy something nice, you'll feel better and get motivated, so you can work hard.

Even if I am poor or whatever, I will never stop spending money because it's a part of my investment. 
Also, money is always alive.  The economy has to be run by spending money."

I have been really really busy for the last 2 months.  I am still busy, but I was even busier.
I must admit that I didn't have time to care about myself.  
Well I don't care that much about stuff like beauty in general.
But I actually didn't even have time to sleep and eat.

One day,  I suddenly realised that my cupboard is just filled with black and white clothes.
They are all old and I felt like I have funerals every single day...

So I decided to buy some outfits and cosmetics.
Also I bought an iPhone 4S!
Hope my life will be easier with it:)
Good bye my blackberry...thank you for taking care of me for 2 years.

And you know what, these new things are now motivating me a lot!

When I put some makeup on, I feel like I have to be awake and do something productive.
When I'm using my new phone, I feel like I have to work effectively.

I think that for women, the beauty is a huge part of motivations.  

Um...good stuff.

What else motivates me?


No...not this picture itself, but taking pictures!

I can't wait to go to Sherbourne, the place where I stayed when I was 13, with my best friend:)

I'm sure I'd feel something nostalgic there.