I'd been waiting for this moment for 10 years

Well it was actually longer than 10 years.
I'd always wanted to go to Warner Brothers Studio since I was 10.
I was just like
"I wanna be there in the future!!"

So I went there 3 days ago.
One of my dreams actually came true.
It's just surreal that I was there.

I would like to say

"It was not my dream, but a plan"

The first quotation that caught my eyes.

Before starting the tour, we watched a short film of Daniel, Rupert, and Emma explaining how they have grown up in the studio.
After that, the curtain opened and the tour started.  

The hall was actually smaller than I thought.
I've been to Christ Church in Oxford three times and it was actually just like that.

Dresser room
They used MAC for cheek as well. The same as mine!

Luna Lovegood's costumes.
I guess she's so tiny or she was.
They all looked very small.

Their bed room...

Lots of details were there. This is Ron's by the way.

Even curtains, they have lots of details.
I'm really impressed by their Art Department.

It's not actually this long, but it looks like long because of the forced perspective.
I think this was used in the 3rd one?

There's only one thing that I didn't like...
which is the fact they ORGANISED the studio to SHOW.
I was expecting that they have left the studio as it used to be, but they didn't actually.  

Like this bit, I know there were a bit more, but they made it smaller.
I think they just couldn't help it as they had to put everything in here.

But apart from that, it was really good.
It's worth going, especially if you are interested in films.

This is my favorite.
It's from 3rd. 
I think I just like the 3rd one in general.

The book was there as well.

It was raining outside, but I think it made the atmosphere even more real.

They also sell butter beer outside as well.
I didn't buy it though.

They were really smaller than I thought.

Lots of details on this.

There was a green screen set and
 the special feature of the films was on at the back to explain how they made it.

I like his grave.
It's just massive and so cool.

The town bit was actually tiny...

I enjoyed this art gallery bit a lot.
Again I was so impressed by their Art Department.

So basically, they spent 40 days to make this castle.
It's just massive.
Well it's not as big as the actual castle obviously, but it occupies one room of the set.
And we had to use stairs to see all of it.

So they filmed the casts at green screen first and then synthesised the castle afterwards.

If you can see the people behind it, you'll see how big it is.

I think people my age would love this tour.

"Warner Brothers, I'll be working with you in 3 years"

Like I said in the beginning, it's not my dream, but a plan!