"The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet" by William Gibson

Totally forgot that I am going to London for a conference on the 18th, and haven't booked train tickets yet....

And another campaign event which is coming up next Tuesday...

Why is everything coming together at the same time?

I always say

"This is the busiest time..."

but when will I have the easiest time?

I think last summer was quite an "easy time".

Carat is the company which came to my uni last week

It is one of the digital media companies.

They started their lecture with

"Can you think of any jobs which didn't exist 10 years ago?"

The answer is..

"You Tube Channel Marketing Manager"

The job which manages YouTube

I just realised I started using YouTube when I was 12 or something, it was actually about 10 years ago.

But now everyone just goes online and sees stuff on YouTube.

Carat, their clients are Disney, eBay, adidas, Johnson and Johnson etc.

They are so visionary.  

I really enjoyed their presentation.
I believe that represents how good their company is.