This is why I love advertising!

Advertising is sometimes considered as a bad symbol of "consumerism", "a tool to mislead audience" or "unethical ways of persuasion".  To some extent, it is true.  But even if it is true, I still love adverts.  

One of the reasons is this,  Ambient Media.  This is my favourite bit of advertising.  

Sometimes people are very creative and do something unexpected.  

That's what advertisers do.

They make something unpredictable.  

Ambient Media Building Projection 2010

I am sure there is still space that people have never used or never thought of.  

I think Japanese "pocket tissues'" adverts are very unique.  My English friend who went to Japan with me was surprised because people were providing tissues for free just for a campaign.

For those of you who have never seen it... here is the example. 

Now you see what I mean?   They put adverts at the back of the packets.  I have never seen this kind of adverts in England or even in the U.S.

I believe that ambient media are the most creative bits of advertising.  Of course creative images created by creative department are important, but I think the ways they are demonstrated are more important.  

I want to contribute my creativity in that area.