Sit on Kitkat

 Another cleaver ambient medium.  
I like Nestle

I didn't even realise how much I consume their products since I was a kid.
I think I've grown up at a "Nestle" family because my mum loves it,  my sister...likes it (I guess), and I like it as well.

My mum bought their chocolate for valentine's day and she gave it to her colleagues.  

The reason why she bought it is because she likes their products in general obviously, but she also said that Japanese people are not familiar with  their chocolate.  So it looks more special than others.

Well they know Godiva or other major expensive chocolates, but they don't recognise this Nestle's product, so they are going to be like 

"Where does it come from?"

So she bought it just because no one can tell where it's come from.

She also has a proper coffee machine and uses it every day.  

I miss Greentea Kit Kat which you probably have never had.
You are a challenger if you managed to eat Cherry blossom  Kit Kat.  I'm not a big fan of it.   
Sweet beans thingy which one of my English friends hates.