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Today's working song
"City"  Sara Bareilles 

"Love Song" Sara Bareilles

Her voice is so good and makes me relaxed.

I visited some inspirational blogs written by some inspirational people.

They all are really good and very classic.

He is a graphic designer and used to work in Japan as well!
I'd love to read one of the books which he recommended to students.  
This is now on my reading list.

He's a designer too.  

He works as an art director/copywriter
They have an office in Tokyo and they made this. 
It was on his blog.

Remix Your City - Fresh Push Play by HIFANA

These 2 blogs bottom are particularly interesting for me as they are account planners which I want to be in the future.

He recently started a new blog. 

He says...

A blog is your own thing to mess with.  You're the boss.  It's like having people round to your house rather than meeting in a nightclub with all its rules and rituals.

5. Russell Davies