Is Star Wars good or bad?

Personally I like the Yoda one.  When I saw it in my town, Bournemouth, I was like "That's an interesting ad."  Yoda tends to be used as a parody...I can understand why.  I like the idea that they say "almost" in the brackets.  As a Vodafone user, I like the company itself, like the values they offer and so on.  I think these ones are so much better than the bee ones.

By the way, Vodafone came to my university the other day for one of the career fairs.  And they gave us USB memory sticks for free.  I was like "Yay!!"  But when I inserted it, their adverts popped up.  I was like "Ah, yeh I knew it..."

Star Wars is everywhere these days.  Why?  Because it's coming out in 3D!!!! Actually Star Wars has been one of my favourite films since I was 7.  I have even written an essay about Star Wars when I was doing Film Studies!! (You can read it if you click "Work") Such a shame that I haven't got much time to watch the films these days.  

But do you think people get bored with these Star Wars Sponsorship campaigns?  I think they do...They are going to be like "Not again..."  I think some people are already being like that.

Who else does campaigns with Star Wars? Volkswagen (as I have written before), Nestle, and Currys PC World does as well which is one of my favourites.  Who else?


Currys PC world

"We continually train all 14.000 staff to deliver great service" Such a great metaphor by using Darth Vader.  Ah...I just remembered that I need to bring my laptop there to fix it!    

To be honest, one of my favourite adverts in my life is this...

The one for the film itself.  Darth Vader is behind young Anakin.  How meaningful is that!  It's representing "Darth Vader is already inside himself."  

If you've never seen the films, you're missing something important in your life, I swear!!! 

Anyway, back to the subject, I think Star Wars can be used for anything, but it's just too much.  I understand why people want to use it, but can they not use any other films as well?