For those who got bored in a lecture

My friend who was sitting next to me in the lecture asked me 

"Can I borrow your ipad?"

She was typing "Google Gravity" and showed me this amazing thing. 

Apparently, that lecture on EU economic crisis was a crisis for us...

I mean it's interesting and I know I should know more about EU, 
but I sometimes miss "JUST" advertising lectures... 

This gravity thing is quite enjoyable.  Try when you are free or extremely bored. 

Speaking of google, yesterday I woke up and opened google, as I always do, then I realised that there were not even letters saying "google".  

I said 

"Oh today's google is not google anymore then" on facebook

because it was just a line moving like heartbeat.  

Have no clue what was going on.

It was for the valentine's day, the time when I spent in the library by myself...

Google also does a contest for school kids.  I think it's another good IMC campaign.