What happened in 2011?

This is so emotional.  2011 means a lot to Japan.  When the huge earthquake happened, I was lying on the bed and just checking facebook with my phone (in the UK).  And I remember my friend in Japan was saying 'Wow...that was a big one', and I was like what is she talking about?  I checked news in the next morning and saw the picture of the tsunami.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Obviously, this incident changed Japan immensely, the government, economy, people's mind...but what inspired the world was that Japanese spirits.  They share stuff with people, they don't cause any riots, but they keep calm whatever happens.        

Other things in 2011...The riots accoss the UK,  Libyan civil war, Apple founder Steve Jobs' death, and so on...

What was 2011 to you? And what is 2012 going to be like?

For me, it's going to be a more intense year.  London Olympics game, uni life, work, travel, and just hanging out with my friends...really excited about everything!